13 years of Grandha

Get to know a little more about the trajectory and all the main achievements of Grandha since the year 2000.

Our history

Grandha Professional Hair Care was born of a dream: offering products and professional cosmetic services of the best quality.

Through the years, Grandha grew up with consistency and a very serious philosophy, becoming a reference in hair straightening and conscious use of ingredients and compounds from the amazon biodiversity in innovative formulas.

First produtcs in the market


Our first line, already with a philosophy of responsible use of natural compounds, came to life in 2000. The main ingredient was the mango soluble oil.

Grandha in its own facilities


With a continued growth, we brought to reality, in 2004, the idea of building our own facilities, in the city of Taboão da Serra, São Paulo – Brazil.

Europe meets Grandha


In 2006, we had the pleasure of achieving our first international business out of Latin America. Grandha began to export to Portugal, from where our products would be then distributed to a great fraction of Western Europe and Northern Africa.

Manufacture in Taboão da Serra, SP


In 2008, we reached another goal that seemed unachieveable: we built our own manufacturing facilities. Grandha stopped being manufactured in Rio Grande do Sul and started being produced in Taboão da Serra, by another branch of Mart’bel Group: Melk Cosméticos. This change represented a breakthrough in the logistic operations of the company .

National consolidation and foreign expansion

New perspectives

Due to a long term work and to important partnerships throughout Brazil, today Grandha is present in every region of the country. Besides, the moment is also of booming to the markets of Latin America, Europe and Northern Africa.

1° generation of Grandha products (2000 – 2005)

2° generation of Grandha products (2006 – 2009)

Grandha and Sustainability in 3 fronts

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is based on a simple principle: everything we need to our specific requirement depends, directly or not, on our natural environment.

Sustainability is essential so we can be sure that we’ll always be able to use water, materials and resources to fulfill our works and projects.

Environmental Sustainability

We believe that every company has the responsibility, regardless of its size, of taking upon itself the task of minimizing the environmental impact of its operations, whatever they are.

Grandha and the water reuse

Intelligent reuse

So that we could use the natural resources in the manufacturing of our products in a responsible manner, Grandha invested in a system of rainwater reuse in its factory.

The rainwater goes through a treatment and reaches an excellent quality in order to be used in the cleaning and cooling of equipments just as for gardening services within its facilities. This practice saves more than 260.000 liters of water per year.

Grandha and the conscious use of electric energy

Natural lighting

Every facility in Melk Cosméticos, the branch responsible for Grandha production, have been planned in such a way as to make the most out of the resources inherents to the manufacturing.

One of these resources, the electric energy, isn’t much explored because every corner of the facility count on a modern project of natural lighting.

Economical Sustainability

The premise of economical sustainability is to make the company strong and solid in a way that it works efficiently for a long period of time through adaptation and responsible and ethic profit.

Grandha and the compounds in high concentrations

Compromise with quality

Grandha has always worried about working with the ingredients announced in its products with the appropriate concentrations.

Whereas lots of companies use concentrations much smaller than the indicated and needed only to announce certain ingredients on the packing and get bigger profits, cheating the consumers.

Grandha versus formaldehyde

The awareness project

Ilegal and highly harmful to our health, formaldehyde has been widespread as main compound for straightening procedures through the last decade. Irresponsible companies have made profit from this at the expense of consumer’s health.

Grandha has never been involved with formaldehyde and has never intended to do so, because we believe in ethics, professionalism and long-term commitment.

Social Sustainability

We believe that every company needs social engagement. Social responsability isn’t only in the agenda of big multinationals. Social sustainability is return to your surroundings what you have gained from it.

Grandha and the community development

Valuation of the human resources

From the development of our surroundings, we have as a direct response a decrease in crime, more jobs and valuation and empowerment of youth.

Thinking of this, it is always in our neighbourhood that we search new employees and service providers.

Besides, Grandha offers also partial and full scolarships for higher education to all its employees.

Grandha supporting sports

Wheelchair Tennis

Betting on personal growth through sports, Grandha supports the wheelchair tennis player, Sebastião Alves Silva.

Sebastião has participated with Grandha support of all the oficial tournaments of the CBT (Brazilian Confederation of Tennis) in 2012. He is a great example of endeavor, dedication and overcoming.

As a result he became the undefeated champion of the Guga Kuerten Cup 2012 (wheelchair division) in Florianópolis, SC.

1° Grandha Logo (2000 – 2009)


2° Grandha Logo (desde 2010)


Vision, Mission and Values

What do we do?

Grandha works to create, produce and distribute what is the best in cosmetic quality in the world. In order to do that, we count on the knowledge, effort and experience of a variety of capable professionals.

For whom we do it?

Our products are especially targeted to the professional hairdresser. Nevertheless, we focus also on the consumers who want to maintain the treatments made in the professional salon.

How do we do it?

Our products are manufactured in Taboão da Serra, next to the Grandha Headquarters. We bet in a greater integration of the manufacturing and commercial teams to better serve the needs of the market.

Why do we do it?

We created and conceived products and quality services because we believe in an ideal. We don’t seek pure and simple profit. Our job is more than that. What we search is the consolidation of a legacy.